The Reason Behind all of this Shenanigans

I started this blog because I enjoy ranting about fashion, life, and anything else that either captures my interest or boggles my mind.  Although it’s a bit presumptuous to think that people will actually be reading this I like to stay optimistic so I’ll assume that at least one person will – “hi grandma!”). Up until this point, I’ve kept my writing private; simply writing in my journals alone in my bedroom with the door closed, pajamas on, and depressing music playing…on a Saturday night.  Now I know what you all may be thinking, Jaclyn needs to get a life! One that involves interactions outside of a notebook… and although I like to think that the serious one on one time I clock with my dog Soda is considered an interaction, in the back of my mind I know that greater interactions and life experiences happen outside of my bedroom and with living organisms that can actually talk back. (Note: This was written before Soda died.  I decided to keep it in even though it no longer applies. I love you Soda and I’ll be thinking about you always as I write this blog.)

Sometimes I think writing in my journal seems a bit useless because no one will ever get to read or hear what I have to say.  Although I could simply have a face-to-face conversation with people, that would involve too many social interactions and too much actual contact with real live human beings.  Also, I don’t necessarily want people to know what runs through my screwed up, over-paranoid, up-and-down like a rollercoaster, contradictory brain of mine.  So now you may be thinking to yourself, “Then why the hell would you post it on your blog?”  Well folks, life is nothing but a fucked up mind game; it’s you against yourself and there are no winners.

Posting shit on my blog allows me to fool myself into believing that no one will actually read it because who the hell cares what I think or say, while at the same time I can also convince myself that the time I spend writing is worthwhile and not simply a waste of time.  Perhaps when pigs fly people will actually read my blog and hopefully get a moment of satisfaction out of it, or at least enjoy laughing and mocking me endlessly as I pour my heart out to the world… a.k.a. my grandma; my one and probably only devoted reader! And yes, I realize that my writing may not follow the proper grammar rules but after four years of being an English major I am sick and tired of adhering to a specific set of rules when it comes to writing.  Sometimes I want to purposely use bad grammar in order to get my point across.  This is MY blog and I’m going to ignore whatever grammar laws I choose and there is nothing that anyone can do about it.  Stop reading here if you dislike it.

So there you have it, my reason for starting this blog.  If you find it insufficient, well I really don’t care, your blog probably sucks too.  And if you ever find my blog offensive, well then I’d call that a success!  If you find it confusing and incoherent… well welcome to the mind of me.  And if you find my reason for starting this blog actually quite plausible, well then stay tuned because I will be posting new articles on a regular (hopefully weekly/daily) basis!

Dance, drink, laugh, and love.

This is the start of a new beginning.


J. Molly

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