Hello, My Name is J. Molly and I am an Addict

Although I have many addictions, I will start with this short list.  While some of my addictions are constantly changing, others have remained the same for quite some time.

I use the term “addictions” pretty lightly.  To me it refers to anything that I enjoy doing/having on a regular basis.  I may not actually do/have that something all the time, but man, I sure wish I could.  The following list is not in any particular order.

Firstly, (and probably most obviously), I’m addicted to shoes.  High heels to be specific.  The addiction began when I was only 11 years old, and escalated out of control by the time I was 13.  Personally, I feel like this particular addiction is genetic.  After all, the love I have for shoes is one of the only things that has stayed constant since I was that young.  And I was way too sheltered as a kid to have picked this obsession up from the street.  I wouldn’t be surprised if my parents one day tell me that I popped out of the womb with 6-inch stiletto heels on my baby feet.  But this suspicion has not yet been confirmed.

2. California.  Finally I am beginning to fulfill this craving.  Every palm tree I see makes my heart skip a beat.  When I’m standing on a hill looking out onto the water, it’s like an earthquake shakes the ground beneath my feet.  When I walk past a hair salon that advertises serving champagne on Fridays when you get your hair cut, I’m reminded that I’m finally here.  Welcome to San Francisco bitch.

3.  The O.C., Gilmore Girls, Southland, Suits, Dragons Den, and Shark Tank.  While there are many TV shows that I love and watch religiously, I’m mentioning these four for now.  The O.C. will forever be a classic.  It has quenched my desire for California in those desperate years of mine when I was living in Canada.  It reminded me that West Coast living is different from the East.  Gilmore Girls will never make me stop laughing. Lorelei Gilmore, although a fictional character, will forever be a role model for the type of relationships I want to have with the people I know and love.  Southland makes me thankful for every moment that I have not witnessed some of the horrible shit that goes on in the dangerous areas of Los Angeles, and it also makes me laugh at very inappropriate times.  Suits…it’s just…so…freaking good! The drama is never ending, and all though I may not understand all the technical jargon that goes down…I can appreciate the amazing dynamics between the characters and I can admire the hard work that goes into corporate law.  The storylines are vivid and captivating…it would be an understatement to say that I am completely and utterly hooked.  Dragons Den and Shark Tank…the two shows that have made me ponder a career as a businesswoman.  I’ve watched every episode about a dozen times…at least.  Not to mention, I have met Robert Herjavec.  That was only one of the most nerve-racking and exhilarating moments of my life.

4.  Figure Skating.  It was a reality of mine for twelve beautiful years.  But this reality came to a halting end.  And now it remains a dream. Nothing more than an image that I crave.  Like Chris Evans.  Beautiful, but beyond my reach.

5. Alcohol.  I had to mention it.  It’s one of G-d’s best creations.  It lets you escape into this alternate universe for a night, where everything seems exciting, happy, and within reach.  It’s like for one night you can just tell your fears/problems/complications/all of the above, to go fuck themselves…I’m just gonna drink and be merry.  What could be better?  In an addictions psychology class I took last year I learned that some people are born with the g-allele.  People with this allele get a more intense and satisfying reaction to alcohol.  I definitely have this allele.

6. Inspiration.  You may ask, how can someone be addicted to inspiration?  Well folks, it’s possible…I’m living proof.  I spend my time trying to find activities/people/landscapes/alcohol/anything else that will inspire me to be everything that I want to be.  Inspiration is one of those funny things that can strike at any time.. It’s unpredictable because you’ll never know when it’ll hit.  But you love it when it’s present.  I strive for inspiration… I’ll do anything to get it.

7. Fashion.  There’s something so invigorating about something that changes constantly and that varies according to each individual.  I love standing out.  I like to make a statement.  And when I choose to dress unfashionably, I’m also making a statement.  Fashion is about making choices.  It is the one thing where people can’t tell me what to do.   I’ll wear what I like, I’ll dress how I please, and there is nothing you or anyone else can do about it.  I like having that power.  I like expressing myself according to my mood. I like walking down the halls/streets wondering if people are laughing at the shoes I am wearing or the outfit I have put together.  Secretly, I hope that they are.  I don’t want to blend in.  Blending in is boring.  And I have no patience for boredom.

Until next time,

Drink, dance, laugh, and love.

J. Molly

7 thoughts on “Hello, My Name is J. Molly and I am an Addict

    • Molly's Runway says:

      Thanks for posting Davida! It was so exciting to see I actually had comments!!! 😀 I’m glad you like the posts! and haha, c’mon admit it, you love number 5… 😛 I think it speaks for itself.

      • davida123 says:

        I do love number five. Haha imagine all the numbers mixed together. So you would be skating and drinking as you’re watching Gilmore Girls while in California. You would be super inspired and dressed in a super cute skating outfit. Mannnnn that would be wild lol. Too many addictions at once 😛

      • Molly's Runway says:

        HAHA, yeah I think it’s probably best if I keep my addictions separate. Skating + alcohol sounds like a pretty bad combination, but separately they’re unbeatable! 🙂

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