Relax…Have a Beer

I don’t care what anyone says, but West Coast living is definitely different from the East.

I recently moved to San Francisco, after living in Ontario, Canada for 21 years.  Although at first I was slightly disappointed that I was not moving to Southern California, I have recently discovered that it really doesn’t matter.  Northern California is also beautiful! Originally, I was worried that San Fran wouldn’t have the California feel…but man was I wrong.

I’ve always been very attuned to the distinct “vibes” in different places.  To me, Toronto says, “Hello, come work your ass off in this ugly, dirty city that is relatively safe (compared to the US) and enjoy having free health care, but don’t expect much else.”  St. Catharines says to me, “Hey, come drink…because there’s nothing else here to do.  Go to Port Dalhousie…and drink…oh wait the city destroyed it to build condos…guess we’re pre-drinking in my basement for the night…that is until we decide to drunkenly stumble, half-naked down Main street.”

While San Francisco says… “Take a chill pill…lay back…have a beer/wine in the million different bars/cafes that we offer.  Go blonde…go bisexual…throw on a pair of jeans/lululemons and walk your dog.”

Only a few weeks after being in California I have already made my tv-debut…in a reality show nonetheless.  I was walking down the street when a camera guy was filming for the Real World.  I am practically a movie star, people!  My on-camera dream has been fulfilled and I didn’t even have to take my shirt off.  I’d call that a success!

(Note: Stereotypes were used in the making of this nonsense.)

Anyways, I’m off to the beach.

Peace out.

J. Molly

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