Have you ever done something that shocked the hell out of yourself?

Have you ever started liking something you’ve been mortal enemies with for about a decade?

I find myself going against some of my most firm beliefs.  I fall in and out of my own thoughts… I contradict myself ten times before breakfast.  I chew on regret for lunch.  I’m swallowing my absolution by dinner.

I did something that I can’t explain.  There is no reason for it.  I simply went against everything I believe in.

I find myself sitting in this alternate universe wondering what the hell is happening.  Has my soul been taken over by a foreign species?  Am I being held hostage by my alter ego?

You may be wondering, what the hell…or as the title of this article states, wtf…is the whole point of this article?

Well.  I did something that I’m confused about.  I don’t know how I should feel.



Come on… I can do it…  Just swallow my pride and admit it…


One more time…


Bought a pair of flat shoes.

THERE! I said it!

And the worst part is…

I think I like it.


J. Molly


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