Let it Be Extraterrestrial

Has anyone ever realized that music sounds way better after consuming several alcoholic beverages?  The music enhancing effects of wine is exceptional.  It should be advertised on their bottles as a selling feature.  Even bad music sounds good.  And good music sounds sensational.  Acoustic riffs automatically make me strum my imaginary guitar strings like a pro. My voice suddenly sounds good.

Dancing becomes more pronounced, more fun, more thrilling, and less embarrassing.

Work seems less stressful, the dark appears brighter, exhaustion fades away.  Homework is more fun, more vivid, and more exhilarating.

The endlist list of things to do, somehow seems like a fun little challenge.

Like life in overdrive, fruit is sweeter, music is clearer, time jets by seamlessly.

The week turns into a collection of days in between the ones that I know I’ll be celebrating with sauce.

Just a regular Sunday night in magical California.


A devoted advocate and doting fan.


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