Why Do They Always Fuck Up the Ending?

(Note this article contains spoilers for the show Homeland).

I watched the final episode of Homeland’s third season, and it not only made me cry (in a bad way), but it also made me want to throw up, hurl my body against the door, and repeatedly bang my head against the wall.

What the fuck. Is all I have to say.  This happens so often, where writers come up with the worst, most unsatisfying ending to a season or series.

I don’t know if you’re a Homeland fan or not, but basically the writers decided to freakin kill the main character.  Death by hanging, nonetheless!  He was the center of the show’s love interest, which was literally what made me love the show in the first place…but then they suddenly ripped it to shreds by killing off the lifeblood of the show…the bread of the bread-pudding…the cheese of the pizza, the heart of the…world! Okay, maybe that’s a bit overdramatic, but it’s definitely warranted here.

It would be like one day the writer of Gilmore Girls decided on the third season, hey… you know what, let’s kill off Lorelei Gilmore! Like NO! That just can’t fucken happen! It doesn’t make sense and it would have ruined the show!

The writers for Homeland said that they couldn’t please everyone with the season finale, but my question is…who the fuck did they please?

And not only did they make a horrible decision to kill the main character, but they also did it in a pathetic, unnatural, and unsatisfying way.  His ex-lover of course was there to watch him get hung, and was able to talk to him right before he died, but they didn’t even fuckin profess their love to each other.  Isn’t that like the natural thing to do?  If you know you’re never gonna fucking see someone you love again, you would tell them, “Hey, by the way, I fucking love you!”

(I’m sorry for my repetitive use of the “F-word” but I just need it to help me convey how “fucking” upset this finale made me.)

The entire time I was watching him hang, I kept thinking, okay the rope is going to break, it’s going to BREAK!…Fuck it didn’t break!”

I know that I probably get too invested into the TV shows that I watch…but I just can’t help it.  It seriously messes with my mind when a TV show screws up an ending.  Like in Gilmore Girls, why the hell was there not a double wedding at the end…Lorelei and Luke, and Rory and Logan… It’s what everybody wanted…and it should have been fucking inevitable…and not at all too unrealistic.  In fact, it seemed like a really quite plausible ending.  But no, after dating Logan for practically a million years, Rory all of a sudden decides “Meh, no.  I don’t want to marry you Logan.  I’m gunna go off and be by myself and have a career.” Who the fuck came up with that ending? Seriously!

I don’t know whether its a nervous tension or what… but there must be something that causes good writers to create horrible endings.  Perhaps it’s performance anxiety…they’re so afraid to screw up the ending…that they do something no one’s expecting and it ends up being shit…

You know that saying, “We are our own worst enemies?” Well, it’s very true.  I torture myself by re-watching the main character’s death scene over and over.  Every time I watch it, I keep hoping that the outcome will be different, even though I know deep down that it won’t.   Or maybe the writers will have a change of heart and decide to make an alternate ending.

My plan was to have another Homeland marathon of all three seasons again, just in case I missed some stuff along the way…but now…after that horribly sad ending…I just don’t know if I can put myself through that again.  The whole time I’ll be watching it, I’ll be too preoccupied thinking about the ending.

I almost wish that I had never started watching Homeland in the first place because this episode was just too upsetting.  But now it’s lodged in my brain and I can’t forget it.  And ok, maybe this is what the writers intended my reaction to be, but my question is why?  You have the power to create an amazing happy ending, so why do so many writers choose the most devastating one?  I mean, there doesn’t have to be rainbows, or ponies, or money falling from the sky…but perhaps allowing the main character to live would be a good compromise?

Life has it’s own path for everyone, but TV shows, their path is created by the writers.  And why wouldn’t they want a happy ending?

Don’t people watch TV in the first place to feel happy or satisfied or relaxed or satiated…I mean, if writers just start killing off their main characters in the most horrific way…what makes this show appealing?  His lover was fucking carrying his baby… and he gets hung… he doesn’t profess his love, he doesn’t talk about the baby…he just stares at her…his ex lover who is carrying his baby…I just fucking hate these endings and they make me way too sad.  Fuck this shit.

I’m going to bed.


J. Molly.

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