We’re Always Right…Until We’re Proved Wrong

With all this knowledge why do we attempt to know only what we can’t accept?

Always thinking something that you don’t know or can’t confirm.  Always convincing yourself of it’s truth.  100% positive, until it proves to be wrong.  Confident in your deduction, until you deduce something different.

That feeling that your always right…you have to be right.  …until you find out that you were wrong.

Always filling in the lines that aren’t even there.  Making pictures of fantastical color that can’t be adjusted…  But they’re still there… In that second world of imagination.  That bridge to the other side…wherever that is.

It eats you up inside, but you can’t stop doing it.  Its paranoia.  But to you, its real.

It exists…but not to anyone else.  You can feel it, but you can’t see it.  It’s frozen shut, but hasn’t closed… You remember, you dream, but reality doesn’t exist.  It can’t exist.

You don’t know why you can’t explain it…but the title says it all and nothing at the same time.

Is a role still a role if there are no actors?  Is a game still a game if there are no winners?

Cause I’m playing something alone.  And there’s never a good ending.

But what do I know…

Yours Truly,

J. Molly


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