How to Fake a Casual Look When You Really Want to Wear Something Dressy

This article will teach you how to fake it.  The main ingredient involves the art of throwing people off by combining things that simply shouldn’t be combined, but doing it in a subtle way.  And also, just remember that wearing something because you want to, even if it doesn’t work the best, is not a crime.  Wearing something because it’s what everybody else wears and you want to fit in…should be a crime.  But nonetheless here are a few basic guidelines…they should be pretty common sense for the most part…

So what do you do when you really want to wear something dressy, but you don’t want to feel out of place when everyone is dressed casual?  Welcome to my transition to fashion in California…The dress seems super relaxed and casual…It sort of has that laid-back…”let’s just take our clothes off” kinda vibe.

Example # 1:

You have a beautiful pair of drop-diamond earrings that you don’t want the dust in your closet to wear more than you do…but let’s say you don’t have any formal parties to go to anytime soon…and waiting til your wedding would just be way too frickin long.  Have no fear you can still wear them…and here’s how:

When you wear something super fancy, you have to combine it with something ultra casual.  Now, you may be like “Hey, wouldn’t that further accentuate the fancy item that I am wearing?” The answer is yes and no.  Life is all about mind-fucking oneself and others.  If someone sees you wearing something fancy, but it is combined with everything else that is super casual, then they will hopefully start second guessing themselves…and be like “Hey, I guess that fancy thing is meant to be worn casually.” The fancy item will start to blend with the characteristics of the casual item.

Let’s draw upon a scenario:

Try pairing your drop-diamond earrings with a pair of casual dark blue acid washed flare jeans and a relaxed-fitting plaid button-down shirt.  Nothing says casual more than a plaid button-down shirt…it screams farmer..all-we-do-is-chill…and I’m a beer-loving kind of girl.  Combining that shirt with the drop-diamond earrings will throw people off just the right amount.  You’ll be wearing more items of clothing that scream casual, and therefore that one fancy item that you’re wearing will start to blend in with the overall casual tone of your outfit.  If this doesn’t work, then who the fuck cares.  Diamond earrings are awesome.  Just wear them.

Example #2

High heels during the day.  Many people make the mistake of assuming that high heels are strictly fancy, when in actual fact there is a full range of heels on the casual to fancy spectrum.  When high heels are worn during the day some people will ask, “Why did you dress up?”  There are plenty of ways to wear high heels while being completely casual…casual enough to milk the cows, or take out the garbage, fix that loose pipe at the side of your house, or screw your next door neighbour… Basically what I’m trying to say is, there are high heels for every occasion.  It’s not a black and white issue.  If the shoes are strappy they’re more likely fancy, (of course there are some exceptions), if they’re made of satin fabric, they’re definitely formal wear, and if they have any sort of sparkles or crystals on them they are usually for that special nighttime occasion.  Again, there are some exceptions… like if a relaxed cowboy boot has some crystals on them, they’re still good for the day time…but that’s because cowboy boots in themselves are super casual…and of course size and amount of crystals always matters…But barring those restrictions, most high heels can be worn during the day.

And lastly, example #3

Dresses.  There are dresses designated for day time and dresses designated for evening.  But there are however some dresses that lie in that shady grey area between day and night.  So how do you make a dress more casual?  Either pair it with thick tights, put a casual sweater over it, or layer it with a casual button down shirt underneath it (that is assuming that the dress is sleeveless).

And the best way to make any outfit look casual and effortless is…simply rocking it with confidence.

Drink, dance, laugh, and love…and dress fashionably.

And may you never ever have a dull moment.


J. Molly

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