My Life’s Goals…plain and simple.

Although some of my goals may be physically impossible…I like to think positive.  Why not shoot for the stars…jet for the moon…and walk on water…

So here’s what’s important to me…my goals…my wants…or not…

1. Buy a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes for 150 percent off. (Insert laugh here.)

2. Witness a quick minute.

3. Drink with my professor.

4. Have a fast-talking conversation with Lauren Graham.

5. Give Bush a wedgie.

6. Have a verbal conversation with a dog.

7. Gain the ability to speak with a genuine English accent.

8. Eat at a place called “The Crab Shack” in California.

9. Be trapped in an elevator with Chris Evans.  He’s the one and only guy on my elevator list. (If you don’t know what that is…just ask.)

10. Fall in love with a struggling actor barista.

11. Become a samba dancer.

12. Cover the streets with pink glitter.

13. Have an ice rink in my backyard.

14. Get Gilmore Girls to come back for an eighth season.

15. Grow 4 inches taller.

…Don’t judge.


J. Molly

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