The Best Nights are those Spent on the Bedroom Floor Watching the Ceiling Spin

In this world of fast moving shoot ’em up bang bang we’re all fighting for that lifestyle we see on TV and in the magazines.  Even if we won’t admit it.  Or maybe that’s just me…The only worlds I live in are the make believe ones I fantasize about…

There’s no guarantee in anything…and yet we won’t give up.  We can’t give up.  It’s all or nothing.  There’s inspiration around us everywhere but we still have our highs and lows.

If I could make time stand still for just one second, I would freeze it now…in this West Coast dream…With everything at my fingertips I can’t quite hold on for good.  I see everything I want…but have no idea what the future will bring.

I don’t mean to get all philosophical but if I don’t speak my mind at this very moment…I’ll procrastinate and let myself censor what I’m truly thinking.

Someone recently told me that I can do anything if I do it with attitude.  Nothing is weird or shameful if you do it with confidence.  I respect anyone who does what they want when they want…just because they can… Screw conventions…screw right and wrong.

I don’t know why things happen the way that they do…but I’m going to make the best out of every moment.

Only time will tell…

Take technology for example…no one can predict what innovation will spawn from the mind of the next genius…but whatever it is…the world will accept anything that boggles our mind or excites our senses.

For any of you lonely soles out there, there’s a new invention called “The Hug Shirt.”  Basically it is a shirt that sends “squeezes” from the people who love you.  It incorporates sensors that integrate the sender’s heart rate into the shirt.  When I heard about this invention I initially thought…”how cheesy and pathetic.”  But then I thought…”hey…that’s not the worst idea…Everyone could use a hug from time to time…and with a growing willingness and ability to move far away from the people you love, this invention may actually have some merit.”

But my favourite invention is the “Intimacy 2.0 Dress.” This dress, created by Studio Roosegaarde, gets more and more see-through as a person’s heart increases.  Who thinks of this shit?  Seriously? I have to admit I love it, but that doesn’t make it any less creepy.

There are so many talented and weird souls out there.  I just hope to be one of them one day.


The aspiring, the confused, the hypocrite:

Miss J. Molly

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