Music Makes the World Go Around

I’ve been trying to transform my blog into a primarily fashion blog but I just have so much stuff to write about…I don’t want to limit myself.  So this article is about music.  I’ve yet to write a music article so this shall be the first.

I want to start off by naming the songs that I couldn’t live without:

1. “Crash” by You Me at Six – this song reminds me of California and walking the streets staring out at the ocean thinking holy shit…I’ve finally upgraded from the lake and moved onto the real thing…the ocean…in all it’s vastness and all its glory.  When this song gets to its crescendo, I’d always imagine myself running and ripping off all my clothes then jumping into the ocean.  Of course I may need some liquid courage to do this,  especially if it’s during the daylight…And sure, maybe this is not the typical thought that comes to mind when listening to a song, but nonetheless this is what I thought.  Like the lyrics in this song say, “Nothing is in our way…” …that’s exactly how I felt…like nothing was in my way!  You know at the end of a romantic movie when the woman in a classy 50’s style dress runs up to her man and hugs and kisses him as he grabs her and lifts her off the ground and spins her around… then they kiss and share a lifetime of love together…well that’s kind of the dramatic depiction of how I feel when I listen to this song.  (Note: Of course this romantic ending is only truly satisfied if the man who’s arms you’re running into are either Chris Evans, Ryan Gosling, or [insert your hot man crush here].

2.  The song that I’m really addicted to…in fact, if I get really dramatic, I might even say that it changed my life…it opened my eyes to a whole new sound…and a whole new feeling… (You may not think music is capable of this, but I do.  I firmly believe that one song can change your world…can inspire you or make you cry…can lift you up when you’re down in the dumps, or can give you something to look forward to when there’s nothing but a bottle of whiskey waiting for you.)  The song is called “The Lost Boy” by Greg Holden.  If you’re an avid Sons of Anarchy watcher then you’ve probably heard it before, but if not you should definitely give it a listen.  If you don’t like it I’m sorry…I’ll still like you despite your bad taste in music.  No I’m just kidding…I won’t.

3.  “A Drop in the Ocean” by Ron Pope.  My best friend introduced me to this song, and I was very grateful for it because it has remained in my “Best Songs of All Time” playlist.  I’ve probably listened to it more than any other song.  And the remix version is even better than the original!

4.  “The Mess I Made” by Parachute.  I almost saw this band in concert, but last minute they had to cancel and another unknown band took its place.  This song has memories attached to it for me.  So it’s probably partially why this song has remained one of my favorites over the past 4 years.  Even though the memories weren’t the greatest ones, this song nonetheless takes me back to a time I want to remember…to a moment when I longed for something that turned into nothing but a practical joke.  Listen to it.  It may not float your boat or tickle your pickle the same way it gets me raring to go…but let’s just hope it does.

5. “Here Without You” by 3 Doors Down.  This song is the only remaining song that still brings me to that marvelous time of my life that I spent on the ice.  It’s almost as if I can smell the arena as I listen to this song.  That scent of smoke, the Zamboni’s air pollution, hair spray, and dirty floors that inhabits every arena…the smell that inspires me more than anything else…is reinvigorated to my senses every time I listen to this song.  But I’ve noticed that over the years the ability of this song to take me back to the time of my life that I cherish and love and dream about is dramatically and exponentially decreasing…so I’ve tried to limit the amount of times I listen to this song because I don’t want those memories to completely fade.

6.  “Save You” by Matthew Perryman.  This song gives me the chills.  I can almost taste the stars outside my bedroom window on the cold winter nights last year when my mind was racing a mile a minute.

Now I’m going to move my attention towards my current songs of addiction…  No flashy explanations for why I like them just a simple list…a list you should check out.  You’ve probably heard most of them, but if not give ’em a whirl.  You might just discover something new…something that makes your heart skip a beat.  Or not.  Perhaps you have completely different music taste than me.

Here’s just a starter’s guide:

1. “White Trash Beautiful” by Everlast

2. “Why Don’t you get a Job” by The Offspring

3. “Afraid” by The Neighbourhood

4. “Black Me Out” by Against Me!

5. “Family” by Noah Gundersen

6. “Guilty” by Matthew Ryan – I love the husky quality of the singer’s voice!

7. “I’ll Fight” by Daughtry

8. “Old Time Rock n Roll” by Bob Seger

9. “No Better” by Lorde

10. “Under the Water” by The Pretty Reckless

11. “The Whistler” by The White Buffalo – From Sons of Anarchy! This show has an exceptionally extraordinary soundtrack!

12.  “That’s the Way it is” by Celine Dion – I included this for mocking purposes.  You may not admit it, but I bet you that if you listen to this song, you’ll be singing it in the shower tomorrow morning.  Just mark my words.

13.  “The Way you Make me Feel” by Michael Jackson. – If you ever want to get into the dancing mood…play this song.  I guarantee that by the first 30 seconds of this song you’ll be doing the moonwalk…or your own impression of the moonwalk…But nonetheless you’ll be on your feet dancing.  And if you’re not, then you’ve got more willpower than me.

There are so many more songs that I love, but the list would be never-ending.  So here was just a little taste of the music that makes my world go round.

Hope you like it.

Drink, dance, laugh, and love…and may you find the perfect soundtrack to your life.


J. Molly

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