Style!…and that Warm, Fuzzy Feeling it Brings

Everyday I am reminded of the reason why I love fashion.  Nothing gives me butterflies in my stomach more than planning outfits in my head.  Those eureka moments when I fall in love with a style…like the other night, when I imagined myself wearing a red dress with red lipstick and my hair tied up in a messy bun and hoop earrings…even though red is my least flattering color.  I can’t imagine a life of sweatpants, Uggs, and Roots t-shirts.  I thrive on change…and I like things that are always new…always fresh…never stale…  I wonder what I would look like as a blonde…I’ve debated about dying my hair.  But then again, I love my brunette color.  If I could switch to blonde then back to brunette again with the snap of my fingers I would…but natural hair color takes so long to grow back.

I like options…

I like knowing that I could go blonde any day…that one day I can be brunette, and the next a blonde…

I love that fashion is a constantly changing dynamic force…

I can change my style from day to day…morning to afternoon to evening if I really wanted…and that, my friends…is what I love about fashion.

It takes about 3-4 years to become a lawyer, but only about 5-10 minutes to transform your image into a hippie…or a classy lady…or a tramp…or a laid-back West coast girl…or a country girl.  The options are endless.  Not even the ocean can compete with the vastness of fashion.

So with the winter nearing its end, (or for my Canadian friends still fighting out the winter), and Spring heading our way in a few months, why not experiment with your style.  Why not wear that ugly red lipstick you bought on impulse…just because you can.  Why not braid your hair…even though it may take you back to the 90’s…if Dj from Full House can pull it off, so can you!  Sure maybe that was over 20 years ago, but all fashions get recycled.  And put a scrunchie at the end of it while you’re at it.  American Apparel hair accessories may just change your life…or not.

My muse this month comes from The O.C.  I’ve recently gone on another O.C. marathon rampage…and from it spawns my want to show off my collar bone with low cut silky tank tops and a pair of jeans.  Hoop earrings have recently caught my attention…they add that touch of Mexican/Latino/Spanish combo quality.  And since I’ve recently eaten out at a Spanish restaurant for the very first time, my Spanish inspiration is at an all time high.  I don’t even know if hoop earrings neceassarily have a Mexican/Latin/Spanish influence but for some reason I always seem to connect the two.  I blame the movie “Fool’s Rush In” with Matthew Perry and Selma Hayek.

I look at fashion as a very bi-polar thing.  It seems as if in one second I want to be one thing, and then the next I’m the complete opposite.  Fashion has no limits.  You can be one thing one second, and something completely different the next.  I like the unpredictability of it. No…Actually, I LOVE the unpredictability of it.

Some things in life are known, some are unknown.  I want fashion to remain in the realm of both.  I want to know the fashions, but I want to wear the unknown.  I’m caught between wanting to express myself, and fearing what will happen if I do.

I think that fashion is about not caring… Not caring so much that you strive to wear something that expresses how you feel…even if you’re ridiculed.  Fashion may not be convenient, it may not be comfortable…but it can soothe the soul more than a cup of tea…a glass of alcohol…or a shot of whiskey.  Okay…well… that’s still somewhat questionable.  But nonetheless, I love fashion.  I want to live it and breathe it.  I’m studying it because I want to be equipped with the maximum knowledge and skills.

Work for what you love.  Hold on to what you believe in despite contradictions.

Love and never forget…and never stop experimenting.

Yours Sincerely,

J. Molly

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