Friday on the Coast

So here it is…a sunny Friday in beautiful California. As I sit in my apartment, in my pajamas doing my homework with the blinds closed, I think to myself…”There’s a world out there just waiting to be explored…and here I am doing homework while Gilmore Girls plays in the background for the umpteenth time. And then the fire alarm goes off and I take that as a sign! It forces me to get dressed. But minutes later it was turned off. Now that my clothes are on…I really have no excuse not to go out. So I go for a walk…and I bring my laptop. I don’t know where I’m headed or for how long, but I am on my way somewhere.   My mind is open, my clothes are on, my hair is pinned up with pink Swarovski jewelry… and the world’s my oyster. (I’m not exactly sure what that saying really means…but I’ve heard it used in this kind of situation.

I think about going to the grocery store…but I realize I don’t really need any food. I pass by a magazine shop…and G-d knows I love buying magazines, but I figure I already have too many and it’s hard finding a place for them in my small apartment. So I keep walking…just listening to my music…a little bit of Jesse Labelle, a little bit of Alexisonfire, a little bit of Lorde…nothing earth shattering.

Then I walk by a Marc by Marc Jacobs store. Of course I go in. Nothing jumps out at me. I keep walking.

And then I see a bird sneeze.

I kid you not. It sneezed. I heard it! I didn’t know birds sneezed. But now I’m quite confident that they do.

I pass the sneezing bird…hoping that it finds itself a tissue. And then I see a REALLY fat cat. Just lying on the street. But there was no owner anywhere near it. I wonder if it swallowed its owner? Or if the owner just had to ditch it because he couldn’t afford to feed it anymore.

Then I keep walking…occasionally stopping to look at my cellphone…trying to look like there’s a purpose to my excursion today.

Then I pass a French café. Now, I don’t particularly like French cafes, but there was seating available. So I grab a tea. Green of course.

The barista asks me whether I wanted to stay or to go…I mull over the question. Do I want to walk my tea back to my apartment and drink it alone, or do I want to stay out in public and fiddle around on my laptop.

I decided to stay out.

So here I am writing this blog. Pointing out every single exciting or unexciting moment this very mundane Friday in California has laid upon me.

My excursion was very short-lived…just like my past relationships.

I was headed home in less than an hour.  On my way home I walked by a Mexican restaurant that advertised margarita pitchers.  I made a mental note to come back with friends one day to enjoy a pitcher…

For your sake, and my sake, I hope that not all my days are this dull.  But for now, this is what you get to read.

Drink, Dance, Laugh, and Love.

Because you’re only young once.

J. Molly

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