The Ultimate Fashion Adulterer

I’ve recently discovered that I’ve fallen in love a lot recently…

When I see you, hanging there, surrounded by all the other less adequate proponents, I think to myself… I have to have you…Now!  My blood sugar drops, my hands begin to tremble.  I try to find the nearest change room as quickly as possible.  I can’t wait to get that door closed and be alone with you.

When my eye makes a match, I gravitate towards you…I can’t help it.  It’s a primordial reaction.  Promiscuity lies deep.

This story has been repeated a million times, but every time I get the same blissful reaction.  It’s the same, yet different because everything seems fresh and exciting when you find a new love.

Perhaps you have guessed it.  Perhaps you haven’t because you are slow.

But my new love is not a he…or she.  It’s an “it”.  A very beautiful “it”.

It’s beige, it’s pink, and it’s mauve.  It’s previous home was Bloomingdales.  And now it’s in my closet.

My love affair is with a lightweight Via Spiga trench coat.  From the moment I laid eyes on it, my world was changed.

There’s something so exhilarating about going shopping and not knowing what you will find.  It’s like going out to a bar on a Saturday night.  Only G-d knows what will happen and who’ll you’ll meet. You’re just along for the ride.

My recent trysts have included but are not limited to my unexpected obsession with the colorful broken-glass coasters at Anthropologie, and before that came my obsession with Soho Swarovski hair jewelry.

Recently, I’ve been into finding statement staples.  And no I’m not referring to the staples you put into a stapler.  I’m talking about statement staples as in pieces of clothing that standout…but are long-lasting.  Flings are way over-rated.

And on that note…

Drink, dance, laugh, and fall in love.

J. Molly


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