Has Your Spring Sprung yet?

I can feel it in the air.  There’s a wonderful smell of Spring that invigorates my senses.

This is the time to build your confidence.  Start wearing that dress you bought on a whim, even though you haven’t adorned it on your body since you were staring at your reflection in the mirror of the store dressing room.

Standing out, being weird, is always half the fun.  Looking ravishing is just a bonus.  This season highlights the most amazing aspects of the female body.  Firstly, we’ve seen the pop of pink every where we turn.  Dark pink, light pink…you can’t go wrong.  We’re seeing inspiration from multiple decades this season.  The swinging 60’s is in full force with the pop of color and the hippie inspired bohemian styles extending from the runway to the stores.

Freedom is a beautiful thing.  Knowing we are free is what allows us to push boundaries.  Here I am living in San Francisco…the center of the technology industry.  As I study fashion, I can’t help but see how fashion and technology are destined to intertwine…in fact, they already have.

My inspiration comes from the fact that I see no limits.  Yes they exist, but fashion is about breaking them.  I want to break every limit there is because I’m riding on this electric roller-coaster here in the beautiful city where there’s sunshine almost everyday.  I swear the fog is just a fable.

Last month I was inspired by the cover of Harper’s Bazaar UK magazine with Rosie Huntington Whiteley on the cover looking bony, beautiful, and blonde surrounded by bright pink.  This month my mind has yet to be captured by the next beautiful image, but no doubt it will happen.  As the Spring season approaches, I can’t help but notice shorts and legs, and beauty that every one has in them…

To me, Spring is all about removing clothes.  Ditching those wool sweaters, saying goodbye to those 80’s inspired legwarmers, and trading them in for that sexy professional pleated dress that brings a whole new meaning to sexy librarian.

I want color.  There should be enough pink to throttle the world.  I want enough sun to make me squint without my glasses.  I want the world to take me by surprise.  I want this Spring to be more.  I want to feel something…rain, the ocean, the sun beating hard against my skin.  I want to live my dreams by making them myself, with my own bare hands.

We’re young, we’re willing, we’re wanting, I want it all.

Here’s to a Spring filled with light, color, and sunshine.  Here’s to throwing out your black and replacing it with your pink.


J. Molly

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