Miu Miu – Makes Love to the Runway with its Fall 2014 RTW Collection

Miu Miu Fall 2014miu miu fall 14 long pink coatMiu Miu Fall 2014 - RTWmiu miu fall 2014 rtw blue coatmiu miu 2014 fall rtw

Miu Miu’s Fall 2014 ready to wear collection excited me in more ways than one. The shine, the shimmer, the daily elegance of their long coats and cable knit sweaters are not only feminine, but completely laid back and beautiful.  Until viewing this collection I didn’t think that coats could be that sexy.  And for this I am appreciative.  Thank you for reinstalling femininity in a windbreaker. Thank you for installing just a semblance of faith to cities that aren’t blessed by warm weather all year around.

Not only would I wear these coats, but I would buy them for my fashionable grandmother too.  It’s luxury made wearable.  Its beauty turned into something practical.  It’s a breath of fresh air…cool and crisp like an East coast Fall would entail.

The pastel colors, shining in all their metallic glory made me lose my breath at first sight.  The light blue, the baby pinks, the light purple, and the gold in the collection leaves my wanting more.

Although I’m always hesitant to buy patterns because I’m short, these coats do the patterns justice. The metallic combined with the pastel colors are nothing short of brilliant. I just wish that product developers will mimic the beauty of this collection and make it available to buy in stores.

I’m always striving for that one-of-a-kind piece to add to my wardrobe. The one that tells others I’m fashionable, but not at all unapproachable.

Cheers Miu Miu,
You’ve done well.
J. Molly


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