Failed Attempts at Fashion

Ever finish a night of partying with friends and wake up the next morning thinking…oh boy this was a bad idea?

Well, mistakes like that happen all the time…especially in fashion.  I’m here to air them out and bring awareness to the fashion faux-pas I’ve encountered in online stores.  For every 100 amazing garments a great store may sell, there’s usually at least one head-scratcher that makes you question the integrity of the store…or their sense of style…and at the very least you may wonder if the product developer had one too many that night.

But perhaps there is a market for everything out there.  Let me know what you think about these “attempts” at fashion…

The First Calamity:

sale ng

This outfit was on sale.  I wonder why?  There is nothing juicy about it.  And what’s with making the model look like Princess Leia?  The finger on the lips is accurate though…I’d question this outfit too if I was forced to wear it.


Disaster Number 2:

drink too much nordstrom rack

This is what happens when you drink too much, kids.  If the pattern on your pants is unsymmetrical and looks like someone got drunk with a spray bottle in hand, you should probably get an exchange.


Number 3:

flashback to clueless - vintage chanel - ng

Looks like someone has been watching a little too much Clueless…

A suit should not reveal your stomach…unless you’re Elle Woods.


Number 4:

hooker need more skin - ng

I think I’d want my hooker to show more skin.


Catastrophe Number 5:

wth ng

I think I’m speechless…

Oh wait, no…the words are formulating… yup, here they come… Target market: San Francisco.  I hear that tip-dyed blue hair is quite the classy crowd pleaser…amongst the stripper community.


Whoops Number 6:

cannot look good - ng

The website didn’t feature these on a model.  I’m guessing it’s because they couldn’t find anyone who looked good in them.


Number 7:

barcode - forever 21 - sale

Who’s the genius who thought of putting a barcode on a sweatshirt?


The moral of the story is…it could always be worse.  You’re worst outfit is probably not half as bad as these ones.  Always try to see the glass as half full.  Trust yourself.  Believe that you are capable of discriminating against the fashion disasters you encounter.


Yours Truly,

J. Molly



2 thoughts on “Failed Attempts at Fashion

    • Molly's Runway says:

      haha I think its a little too big of a barcode…and I don’t know why they have horizontal lines on the sleeves because there are no horizontal lines on an actual barcode..

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