What’s Hot, What’s Not

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The wine that will blow your mind:

Feeling like a red? Go for a smoky Baco Noir, a full-bodied Syrah, or an easy-sipping Merlot.  I’d suggest the Konzelmanm Baco Noir and the Piat d’or Merlot, but I’ve yet to find a Syrah I love this summer.  I’d be grateful for any suggestions, leave a comment below.


The wine that will disappoint:

Shiraz-Cabernet, particularly the one by Jacob’s Creek,  and Rosé Sparkling.

The dress you should be wearing to the bars:

It’s V-neck, it’s swanky and silky, it’s sleeveless, and it’s got that flowy skirt that flies up into a twirl when you spin around on the dance floor.

The dress you shouldn’t wear:

Bodycon dresses.  They’re a bit too “been there done that.”

Shoes to knock your socks off:

They’re the least of your worries this summer.  Every shoe fanatic is entitled to a few summer months of sparkly pink flip-flops during the day.  But at night when your dressing for yourself at the bars, pull out those stilettos with the soft leather that allows you to dance the night away without making your feet bleed.  As much as you want to wear the high heels that have a slippery soul, don’t forget that bars often have alcohol all over the floor, and slipping would be way less than fun.

Shoes to abandon:

I feel like I’m just being redundant saying crocs.  I think everyone already knows that already.  Why people still wear them, is beyond me!  I’ve also yet to try the whole socks and sandals thing, even though I know it’s more commonplace now.  I’d still say, heck, it’s summer, take off your friggin socks and walk along the bar barefoot.

The “in” tunes:

1. Piano Man by Billy Joel

2. Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison

3. Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus

The tunes that make you cover your ears:

1. Happy by Pharrell Williams

2. Shots by LMFAO

Trending Food:

Eating your salad out of the bag (Only appropriate if under the age of 35)

Disgusting Food:


What’s hot or not changes fairly frequently.  But I’m pretty sure some of these “Not’s” will always be in the reject pile.



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