The Perfect Shoe Can Transcend All

The online magazine Pretty Living PR caught my attention with the title of their shoes article: “Tuesday Shoesday.”  I love it, but for me every day of the week should be a shoes day.  The article takes us back to the classy times of Audrey Hepburn.  Throw on those pearls, slip on those black and white shoes, click your heels together. and feel like Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman (after her transition to a lady).  Monochrome colors were extremely popular in the Fall 2014 runway shows, perhaps designers are referencing the classy elegance of black and white.

nm top ten christian lou

Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

These black Christian Louboutin sling-backs made it onto Neiman Marcus’s top ten picks list.  They may be rather simple, but sometimes complexity is way overrated.  Simple can steal the show.

The shoes article states that every woman should feel special about themselves every once in a while.  I wholeheartedly believe that fashion is the key to feeling good about oneself, but heck, shouldn’t we feel this way everyday?  Every step you take should be onto a pedestal, every street you walk down should feel like your runway, every summer wind breeze should feel like the fan that sweeps a model’s hair off their neck during a photo shoot.  What’s the best way to accomplish this?

Wear the shoes that dazzle viewers with their modesty and grace.  Wear the dress that moves with your body better than Patrick Swayze with Jennifer Grey.  Forget about the makeup.  You’re beautiful the way you are.  And if you’re not, accepting yourself is hotter than any crop top.

The shoes article states that a person’s problems can be solved with a pair of pumps… I wholeheartedly agree.

Happy Pumping!


J. Molly


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