What Kind of Shoe Are You?

What kind of shoe best matches your personality?  One or more of the answers for each question may describe you, but choose the one that you think best suits you.

A’s are worth 1 point.  B’s are worth 2 points.  C’s are worth 3 points.  D’s are worth 4 points.  E’s are worth 0 points.

1. When you’re going to the grocery store you:

a) slip on the shoes that are closest to your door on your way out

b) put on your stiletto heels (you have to look good no matter where you go)

c) put on your 4-inch wedge heels (you wouldn’t be caught dead in flats!)

d) throw on a pair of flip flops/flats/sneakers (doesn’t really matter to you what shoes you wear to the grocery store)

2.  When you go to a bar with friends on the weekend you:

a) drink if everyone else is drinking, but if they’re not, your totally fine with not drinking as well

b) you guzzle down every bit of alcohol you can get your hands on (you’re not picky – it all takes you to the same happy place)

c) Down a bottle of wine before getting to the bar (who wants to arrive to a bar sober?)

d) No predrink, but you’ll have one (maybe two) drink(s) at the bar (loser!)

e) you don’t go to bars

3. Your favorite TV show is:

a) Orange is the New Black

b) Suits

c) Gilmore Girls

d) I don’t watch TV – There are too many good books to read

e) none of the above

4. On a Saturday morning you are:

a) out for brunch with friends

b) writing a blog

c) hung over from last night’s drinking

d) watching TV in bed

5.  When it’s Saturday night and all your friends are busy, you:

a) Go out to the bar by yourself

b) Stay in, cook an awesome meal, open a bottle of wine, and watch your favorite TV show

c) Stay in and get drunk by yourself

d) Read a book and go to sleep early

6. Your dream date would involve:

a) grabbing some Fro-Yo then whooping his butt at scrabble

b) getting drinks at a swanky, busy bar

c) skipping the calories and just jumping into bed (together)

d) go out for a nice dinner, then go for a walk along the water

7. If you went into work one day and your boss told you that you were dressed inappropriately, you would:

a) not care, but never wear that outfit again.  You’d forget he said anything two minutes later

b) mock his choice of clothing in your head and continue wearing whatever the hell you like

c) flip him the bird

d) go home and change immediately.  You’re sorry if you offended him (lame!)

8. Your beverage of choice is:

a) coffee

b) green tea

c) anything alcoholic

d) milk

 9.  Out of the following four clothing stores, which one do you like the most:

a) Club Monaco

b) Express

c) Bebe

d) J. Crew

10. Your favorite nail polish color is:

a) clear French manicure

b) blue/black

c) pink/purple

d) I don’t wear nail polish that often

If you got 9-17 points: You love wearing comfortable, yet stylish sandals.  You’re sophisticated, yet playful with your style of shoes.

nastygal - jeffrey campbell

Courtesy of Nasty Gal

If you got 18-25 points: You’re a platform shoe kinda gal.  The higher the better.

platform - nasty gal

Courtesy of Nasty Gal

If you got 26-33 points: You’re a sparkly sequined pump!


If you got 33-40 points: You’re unfortunately a flat person.  No, just joking, you’re probably very interesting, but you tend to air on the side of comfort when you select your shoes.


Courtesy of Aldo Shoes





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