Forever 21 Fires Model for being Too Fat

Courtesy of Sports Illustrated

Courtesy of Sports Illustrated


Courtesy of Beach Bunny

Courtesy of Beach Bunny

Forever 21 fired this model for being too fat.  If I didn’t love how cheap their clothing is, I would tell Forever 21 to go fuck themselves.  But don’t get me wrong, I think skinny is sexy…and skinny definitely sells.  But skinny isn’t the only thing that’s desirable.  I think that anyone who has posed for Sports Illustrated, would suffice in selling cheap polyester to teens and tweens.

Skinny models make a statement to young impressionable women.  I’m not saying that it’s bad, I’m not saying that it’s good either, what I am saying is that no young woman would criticize a body like the one Chrissy Teigen (pictured above) shows off on Sports Illustrated.  If Forever 21 can’t make their clothes look appealing on a woman with perfectly sculpted curves, then their clothes aren’t worth the one dollar they pay to have them made in China.

Perhaps Teigen’s body appeals more to men than women, but when have women not valued having a body that appeals to men?

The point I’m trying to make is, there’s more than one direction a company can go.  I don’t think companies like Forever 21 should stop hiring stick thin models.  After all, clothes look good on the super thin.  But then again, clothes look good on Jennifer Lopez too and she’s got curves for days.  When did variety become such a bad thing?  There comes a point when I get sick of seeing models with no boobs or hips to hold up a dress.  When did cleavage go out of style?  Was the guy who decided to fire Teigen from modeling for Forever 21 gay?  Did he not see the beauty in every inch of this woman’s body?  Teigen could be wearing a garbage bag and she’d still turn heads.

I’m not going to stop shopping at Forever 21, I’m not going to stop thinking skinny is sexy, but I’m also not going to be a complete moron by thinking that having meat on your body can’t be sexy; Teigen clearly proves that it can.  So Forever 21, open your eyes and see that sexy isn’t just one size.



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