5 Ways to Stay Motivated

motivated kid

This is a sucker’s guide to motivation.  I can’t tell you how to be motivated.  Only you know.  But here are some tips anyway.

1. Use the success of others to fuel your fire.  Don’t concede.  People always want what others have.

2. Drown out negativity with a bottle of wine.  Any one will do.

3. Keep pressing until it hurts.  Don’t take no for an answer.  If they try to bury it, you shove it in their face.

4. Dress fashionably.  Dress to satisfy yourself and flaunt what you’ve got.  Wear whatever the fuck you want because that alone should give you the confidence to conquer all that sways your way.

5. Remember that life is a game.  We’re all pawns.  Does it really matter what happens?  Fight until the bitter end.

Dance, drink, laugh, and love.

Yours Truly,

J. Molly

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