Dresses Made from Condoms

Remember Lady Gaga’s dress made from raw meat? I’ve got something that can top it.  How would you like to wear a dress made out of condoms?  Brazilian artist and activist, Adriana Bertini, uses expired and defective condoms to create women’s dresses.  These dresses are not only meant to be beautiful and artsy, but they are also designed to raise awareness for condom use.

Courtesy of Huffington Post

Courtesy of Huffington Post

The designer states that working with these condoms helps participants, “…resignify their role in society by strengthening their self-esteem and identity.”  I’m not sure exactly how using condoms to make dresses would affect a person’s self esteem; it’s not like they’re using the condoms the way they’re intended to be used.  As for the identity part, I don’t know why someone would want condoms to make up a part of their identity…shoes, yes…Chanel bags, definitely…but condoms?


Courtesy of Huffington Post

There is definitely a movement towards using materials other than typical clothing materials to make garments.  Sometimes I’m all for it.  Would I like to see a condom dress in a fashion museum? Sure.  But would I be creeped out if I saw someone wearing one on the street.  Yes. But nonetheless I think Bertini has tapped into an artistic side that is fun and original, and certainly gotten me excited (no pun intended)!

Courtesy of Huffington Post

Courtesy of Huffington Post

There’s nothing like wearing a dress made out of condoms to remind a guy to cover up.  Remember, no glove no love.

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  1. sarahciarciello says:

    I gotta say that’s encredibely weird and gross but the dresses can out to be very pretty! If I saw them and weren’t told that they were condoms I would actually like them but no thanks!

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