It’s Wedgie Time

Lululemon has come out with a romper to wear running.  Although I’ve never really gotten into fashionable workout clothes…any sports bra and tight black pants will do…I definitely want to be comfortable while I’m putting my body through hell.

Courtesy of Huffington Post

Courtesy of Huffington Post

Let’s take a step back and examine some hot, fit women.  Imagine Cameron Diaz, in all her muscular glory, (although I don’t particularly find her appealing).  Now imagine her in a onesie…I mean romper.  Sexy or disturbing?  My vote is for disturbing.

My favorite mental image: Imagine Pamela Anderson, back in her Baywatch days, wearing a onesie to run along the beach.  Sexy or disturbing? Okay, so maybe she can make anything look sexy…but I’d still say it’s a definite buzzkill.

Lululemon, I respect your attempt to make workout clothes interesting and fashionable, but try again.  Not every combination is a winner.  Picture chocolate cake with guacamole.  Both are undoubtedly awesome on their own, but together equals disaster.

Courtesy of Huffington Post

Courtesy of Huffington Post

I’d rather run in peace and look like a ragamuffin than fend off some serious wedgies.

Huffington Post agrees.  I’m sure others do too.  Let’s stop the cruelty! Like this post and join forces with “Women against Workout Wedgies.”  Let’s end the madness, Lululemon.

Run in Peace.


J. Molly



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    This is so funny! I couldn’t imagine running in a romper! I don’t even fit in regular Rompers so WTF! I love my unflattering t-shirt and yoga pants your not at the gym to look good your at the gym to get healthy and energized!

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