A New Twist on your Favorite Basics

Say it with me friends: “Basics are boring.”

Plain Jane is out of style, uninteresting, and devoid of any original thought.

However, basics can be comfortable and practical, and although I would have slapped myself for saying this just a couple years ago, I’ve now learned to appreciate the benefit of feeling comfy and getting ready quickly.  But that doesn’t mean your style has to be compromised.

This is why I’m grateful to find basics with a twist…something original, something different, something flashy…

Twisted is fresh. Twisted is better than unswirled, unzipped, and unwhipped. Twisted can make someone question who you are. Are you classy, have u been consumed by your internal pussycat doll, have you gone grunge, or are you just trying to liven up your look? Have you lost all your faculties or was your style choice a truly lucid and informed one.

When I wear a modest knee length skirt I like to pair it with a kickass moto jacket. Have I just come back from a garden party or have I joined a biker gang? Perhaps cowboy boots will throw ’em off even more.

Courtesy of Brandy Melville

Courtesy of Brandy Melville

If you’re opting for stripes, choose stripes with a fun cut. Perhaps it’s a midriff top, perhaps the stripes are slightly off kilter…like your personality.

BCBG MAXAZRIA Courtesy of Piperlime

Courtesy of Piperlime

The cold weather’s coming so it’s about that time for black tights.  Choose ones that have a unique element.  Perhaps a strip of leather running down the front or sides?  Perhaps a few cutouts are just the way to kick up the outfit’s kick-ass quality.

Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

Last but not least, when you’re choosing your jewelry opt for something unexpected.  If you’re rocking the biker look with your skinny jeans and black moto jacket, try putting on a pair of diamond earrings…just to throw off the balance a bit. Add a bit of softness to an outfit that is anything but!


J. Molly




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