How Being a Hoarder can Refresh your Style

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I don’t mean to get all anti-consumerism, but there’s a good chance your closet has all you need at this very minute to look sexy as hell and stop traffic.  Remember that pencil skirt you bought in high school hoping to look like a mature business woman?  I’m guessing after wearing it twice you threw it in the back of your closet when you realized climbing the stairs of your school was a bitch. Well, it’s time to uncover that gem, along with all the other washed up has-been pieces of clothing that were once something special in your mind.

Like a lean start-up business, fashion is iterative in nature. You purchase, you wear, you love, you get good or bad feedback.  You discard and search for more, and repeat that same cycle of going nowhere and somewhere slowly.

I once bought an ugly top because a few girls in the store started making fun of it.  While that top didn’t make it through the dryer very well, it gave me at least five minutes of bliss.  Well now it’s time to search the depths of your drawers and closet to find that garment or accessory that use to be the star of your closet.

Recently, I’ve uncovered a pink knitted belt, an old fake crystal ring, a short mini jean skirt, a royal blue short sleeve top that’s slouched at the neckline and tight around the stomach, and a white knitted shirt that drapes open in the front. Whether it’s a color that works well with your hair color or a silhouette that makes you look skinny, remember to appreciate the simple characteristics of a piece of clothing and value how it makes you look and feel.

I wore a short jean miniskirt this summer because I wanted to show skin and have that rustic, grunge, school girl look.  It showed off my legs and reminded me how annoying it is to be yanking down a short hemline every time I walked.

Next I graduated to my grey Hugo Boss skirt that I got about 8 or 9 years ago.  I wore it to a dinner and felt way overdressed, but in a good way.  Pair your favorite old skirt with something new.  This season is showing the deep green color everywhere.  Invest in a green top and pair it with the skirt. Or wear innocent white and use your finger to apply a touch of red lipstick to your lips.

If you’re going to work the red lipstick though, tie your hair back in a messy bun at the top of your head so that the red lipstick sticks out to people like a sucker punch to the gut. Throw on a pair of hoop earrings, leave your eyes bare, your cheeks lifelessly white, and throw on whichever shoes your most comfortable in.

And when you feel like a million dollars walking down the street, you can thank yourself for buying those deep dressers that kept your throwaways safe over the years.


J. Molly.




3 thoughts on “How Being a Hoarder can Refresh your Style

  1. J U L I A says:

    i love this! i have a hard time letting clothes go, so every so often i’ll dig in the back of my closet and find a shirt or pair of shoes i completely forgot i owned. it’s the best feeling! like finding treasure haha!

    awesome post. i love your blog! and CUTE SHOES! love them! 🙂

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