This Week’s Top Five Buys

1. Black skinny jeans. Try J Brand jeans. Their material is so soft and luxurious, you’ll never want to take them off.

Courtesy of J Brand Jeans

Courtesy of J Brand Jeans

2. Hoop earrings. Gold or silver, take your pick! But make sure you wear them with curled hair.
3. Short-sleeve silky button down shirt. Opt for a rich color like deep green or plum.
4. Wedge platform heels. Opt for ones that are geometrically intriguing or color-blocked.
5. Light pink nail polish by Zoya. When in doubt, always select a pink nail polish. It may not always be trendy, but it will bring out your feminine side.

Now, for the mind-blowing finale, try combining all five of those new buys together! The black skinnies, with the silky rich-colored blouse, wedge platform heels, hoop earrings, and light pink nail polish. Β Beware: Wearing this outfit will most likely lead to cat-calling from construction workers on the street and random cars driving by, and you may or may not be approached by every single guy at the bar.

Enjoy the attention.


J. Molly

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