Can your Voice Affect the Likelihood of Getting a Job?

The Huffington Post came out with a very interesting article about whether or not certain voices can have negative consequences.  And who are we to blame for this? Kim Kardashian of course.  Apparently, young women are subliminally copying Kim Kardashian’s “vocal fry” voice.  “Vocal fry” is when a woman’s voice descends into a lower register at the end of a sentence.  Other celebrities like Britney Spears, can also be heard using this vocal fry voice.

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The results of a study conducted at Florida Atlantic University, show that women who have a vocal fry are perceived as less competent, less educated, less trustworthy, and less hirable.  Wow. That sounds pretty serious.

For years parents have worried about the potentially dangerous and violent effects of  young boys spending too much time playing video games, but now perhaps parents should also worry about their young girls listening to female celebrities talk!

But is voice truly subliminal?  If I watch a lot of Chicago PD or John Tucker Must Die or One Tree Hill, will I be able to make my voice sound like Sophia Bush?  I wish!


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