Four Looks for a Fun Night Out

It’s the weekend.  You may be debating what outfit to wear to the bar tonight, or out on your date.  But have no fear because I have four options that will satisfy your craving.  I have a tendency to get a bit over enthusiastic about the shoes for an outfit, so don’t feel bad if you opt for a more realistic pair of heels.

Created on the StyleChat App

Created on the StyleChat App

But first, start in the middle of the outfit by picking out the perfect pair of jeans.

You could a) opt for a pair of faded boyfriend jeans, or b) a pair of blue skinny denim, or c) a pair of grey skinnies with black leather detailing, or d) a pair of ripped black skinnies.

Next it’s time to cover up your fun bags with a sexy shirt. You could a) opt for a white sleeveless shirt with a zipper, or b) wear a cream V-neck crop top, or c) a black sleeveless high neck top with studded detailing, or d) a sheer sleeveless beige wrap top.  Just remember, when in doubt, show cleavage.

Last but not least, make a statement with your shoes.  If they’re architecturally intriguing, they’re the perfect fit.  If you can’t walk in them, you know they look hot.


J. Molly


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