5 New Years Resolutions you’ll Love Keeping

Every year people make resolutions that they know subconsciously they’ll never keep long term.  These resolutions seem to be more of a timing game.  A successful resolution usually means that you kept it for at least a month.  But what if you could make resolutions that you’d want to keep all year? Well here are five that I think you’ll want to keep for more than a month!

1. Make the resolution that you have to have at least one happy hour with a friend once a week.  A margarita here and there or a dirty martini, can be just what the doctor ordered! or not…

2. Exercise.  Yes I know that not everyone likes this New Years resolution but it doesn’t have to be bad.  Exercise can include dancing, rock climbing, even shopping…after all you are walking around and hopefully carrying heavy bags.

Courtesy of Kerala

Courtesy of Kerala

3. Be more social.  To do this you just have to develop FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out.  Don’t let 2015 pass you by without celebrating it to your fullest!

4. Make the resolution to read more.  Now before you boycott this one, here’s a list of books that will make you want to read: Fifty Shades of Grey, The Glass Castle, Unorthodox, and Brain on Fire (you can look forward to Dakota Fanning playing the lead character of the book in the 2016 movie).

5. Experiment with your style.  Rip your jeans, paint your nails pastel green, go crazy with chunky jewelry, or wear a pair of over-the-top oversized sunglasses.  Open your mind to mixing and matching your clothing to create new looks.

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Happy New Year!


J. Molly

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