Will France Ban Skinny Models?

An NPR article reports that France is considering banning models, who are too skinny, from the runway.  They are considering passing legislation that would require modeling agencies to check a model’s BMI to make sure it is above 18, before letting them on the runway.  Any violations of the law could end in jail time or a hefty fine.

I think that being too skinny can be a detriment to a model’s health and that modeling agencies should not require young women to starve themselves in order to get the job. But at the same time, isn’t demanding models to be above a certain weight just as bad as demanding models to be skinny?  You’re still dictating the eating habits of a woman.

The best approach is the moderate approach in many cases.  Demanding skinny is a bad thing, but isn’t banning skinny just as prejudice.  People shouldn’t be prejudice towards weight, on either end of the extreme.  I would however support using models of a variety of different body styles and weight, after all beauty comes in many different shapes and sizes.  And I do think that society is gradually moving towards seeing how beauty takes form in many different shapes.  After all, it’s becoming more and more “all about that bass.”

I know this is a touchy subject, and perhaps many people have different views.  But how do we know where to draw the line?  Discriminating according to numbers, saying that a BMI of 17.9 is unacceptable but 18.1 is okay, is a little bit arbitrary.  Model’s should be encouraged to take care of themselves and not starve their body, but discriminating against those who are really skinny, is just not the answer.

What’s your opinion?


J. Molly


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