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Let’s be real, 90% of the fun of going out for the night, is dressing up.  So I scoured the web for the hottest dress and accessories to create a sizzling hot outfit.  Whether you’re impressing a guy, or impressing yourself, you can’t go wrong with a little black dress.  If you want that effortless look…that “I want to look sexy without looking like I’m trying to look sexy” then wear a dress with long sleeves.  Make it tight and body-forming with some fun sexy cutouts like the one from Nasty Gal featured above.

For jewelry, pick your favorite piece and go with it.  I chose a pair of drop silver earrings to match the silver chain in the Chanel bag.  Speaking of which, if that Chanel bag were, $6,000 cheaper I would buy it! (Actual retail price of the Chanel bag: $6,700.)  The pink color is an obvious winner!  When you’re wearing a black dress, you need at least one colorful accessory to give the look some flavor.

The shoes are from the brand, United Nude.  They’re a statement piece that will have everyone at the party talking.

Stay tuned for more hot looks coming this way and thanks for reading Molly’s Runway.


J. Molly

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