Dressing with Neutrals: How to Turn Drab into Fab

Created with the StyleChat App

Created with the StyleChat App

As woman with very fair skin, I understand that it’s risky wearing neutral skin-toned colors because they can easily wash someone out.  But this season we’re seeing neutrals bloom into a very sophisticated, classy statement, and so it’s time to give neutrals another go.  Here are some tips for how to wear neutrals without letting them make you look drab.

Start with a soft, boho style beige dress.  This on it’s own may do nothing for you, but it’s the accessories that you pair it with, that will turn the look around.  Pinks go very well with neutral beige, so add a touch of soft femininity to the look by wearing a tie-dyed pink summery straw hat.

Add some richness to the look by adding a dark beige tote.  If you’re going to do beige, do it up right by combining different shades of beige in one look.  The gold choker necklace in the picture above is the perfect piece to add to a neutral outfit because it’ll be sure to turn your effortless look into a statement.

What’s the number one way to add a touch of classic sophistication to an outfit?  Add pearls, of course! Try pearl stud earrings to wear during the day, or drop pearl earrings to wear out at night.

Last but not least, add a touch of color by wearing a pair of pastel blue flat slide-on sandals like the ones featured above.  Even neutral looks need a touch of color to keep them interesting.

Where can you find these hot neutrals?

Dress: Zara ($79.90), Hat: Zara ($19.90), Sandals: Zara ($59.90), Handbag: Zara, ($119.00), Necklace: Zara ($29.90), Earrings: Givenchy at Nordstrom ($26.00)


J. Molly


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