Creative Ideas for Hosting a Tea Party with Friends

Perhaps I’ve been watching too much Mr Selfridge, but a tea party with tea in cute porcelain tea cups and saucers with those three-tiered serving trays, white gloves, big hats, and poofy dresses sounds really good to me right now.  Now if you’re in your twenties you may not actually own any of these awesome things, so here are ways you can make your tea party 20th-Century-British-esque without actually turning the clocks back 100 years and spending your paycheck on things you could never use or wear in public.

It all starts with the food.  It’s always great to serve small finger foods because your guests can socialize while they snack on little tiny bits.  And plus, this adds a sense of properness that seems reminiscent of how the Queen may dine for brunch on the weekends, although not really according to “The Royals” TV show.

Finger food number one is healthy and yummy: cucumber sandwiches.  Be creative with your ingredients.  You could make a variety of cucumber sandwiches, including cheese, tuna, or salmon. They’re cute and fun to prepare with friends, so why not make a bunch!

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For desert you can serve banana wraps.

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Spread some peanut butter or honey on a pita, put a banana on top, then roll it up and slice it into bite size pieces.  Decorate the tray with strawberries and chocolate chips.

Now I know I mentioned earlier that you probably don’t want to break your budget preparing for brunch with friends, but if you want to make one investment, these coasters from Anthropologie will not only look cute as hell, but will also ensure that no more costly damage will be done to your furniture.

Courtesy of Anthropologie, Click to Original Website.

Courtesy of Anthropologie, Click to Original Website.

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Now, there’s one very important thing missing from this list.  Hint: It’s in the title… TEA! Every tea party needs tea…it doesn’t take a genius to figure that out.  However, it takes a tea connoisseur to know where to source the tea.  The answer is simple: a) David’s Tea and b) Lupicia.

From David’s tea my favorites are: roasted gyokuro, gyokuro yamishiro, sencha ashikubo, japanese sencha, genmaicha, and tie kwan yin.

From Lupicia, Matsuri will rock your world! Kamo, Bocha, and Chiran are also lovely.  As you may have noticed they’re all green teas I suggested…except for tie kwan yin, which is oolong.  But why not make your tea drinking the healthiest you can with lots of antioxidants?!

Check back soon for an article about what to wear to a tea party.


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