What to Wear to a Brunch or Tea Party

For some, going out to brunch with friends is about the food, but for others, it’s about how much fun it is to wear a brunch-worthy outfit.  Since it’s not the 20th century anymore, your elegant lady-like brunch look should be modern, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take your inspiration from the early 1900’s.

Created with the StyleChat App

Created with the StyleChat App

The look featured above will make any brunch more glamorous.  To get this look, start with a long flared silky skirt with a colorful pattern.  Bring all the attention to your feet by wearing a pair of bright booties that match one of the colors in the skirt.  Keep your shirt simple so that you can wear the most magnificent jewelry.  A chunky crystal necklace will make you feel like a glamorous elegant lady.

As you’re sipping your bottomless mimosas, add a little sunshine to your hand by wearing a big gemstone ring that could blind someone if they stare too long.  Carry your personal items in a classic black clutch.

Last but not least, keep your makeup simple.  Add a neutral color lipstick to your lips for a bit of sassy sparkle.


J. Molly


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