Why you Should Love this Generation

What’s better than clubbing? Quiet clubbing.  It’s clubbing made more personalized.

I know what you’re thinking.  Isn’t “clubbing” synonymous with music.  How can you have quiet clubbing?  Well, quiet clubbing does involve music.  But it’s music you can control.  Everyone is issued headphones when you enter the club.  With a click of a button you can turn your music off and the whole club will look like it’s filled with a bunch of people jamming out to silence.

There are three stations offering different music, and each person controls which station they listen to.  Just like you can swipe a person away on Tinder, you can swipe your controls to a different station when you don’t like the song your current station is playing.

It’s like imagine dating three people at one time and being able to go back and forth between them whenever you get sick of one. Just flick.  You’ve moved on to bigger and better.  And flick.  Hey, you’re back.

So here we are standing with our friends, jamming out to completely different songs.  Depending on what station you’re listening to, your headphones have a little color beam on top of each ear.  There’s green, red, or blue.  So if you really want to know if you’re dancing to the same song as your friends, you can see if your colors are the same.  But there are some songs out there that have the power to turn the whole club one color.  Last night that song was a Backstreet Boys song. Instantly the whole club was singing the song.  The DJ spinning the music even stopped that song for a second so that the whole club could hear everyone was singing the same song.

Is this not the ultimate way to be anti-social and social at the same time?  Gone are the days where you have to suffer through a song you hate at the club.  Gone are the days when you have to be dancing to the same song when you’re dancing with your friends.  Gone are the days when you have to go outside the club in order to give your eardrums a much needed break.  Gone are the days when you can’t talk inside the club.

With silent clubbing you can go from Rihanna to Journey to Kanye with the flick of a button.  You can go from dancing your butt off to loud music through your headphones, take them off and continue chatting with your friend without relocating.  The best part is when you’re jamming out to your favorite song, you look to your friend and she gives you that knowing eye like oh my gosh, isn’t this song great? And then you see each other’s color and realize you’re hip-hopping to a different song.  But who cares, it’s all the same ass shake.

If I still have to explain why this generation is better…you clearly just have to experience it.


J. Molly

This article was inspired by my amazing Quiet Events experience at Monroe in SF.

At Monroe in SF

At Monroe in SF



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  1. debsmp says:

    My first and only experience at a Silent Disco was back in Warsaw, Poland in 2012. Until that day, I’ve never heard about it before.
    That was definitely one of the funniest nights. I’ll definitely do it again! x

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