Spring Trends: Stripe Yourself

This Spring, it’s not just florals taking over, stores are filling their racks with striped clothing from dresses, to shirts, to pants, and more.


Next we have a V-neck navy and white striped dress from Zara.

Image Courtesy of Zara ($29.95)

Image Courtesy of Zara ($29.95)

Having a more casual day? Throw on your favorite pair of jean shorts or pants and pair them with this Forever 21 striped casual top.

Courtesy of Forever 21 ($14.90)

Courtesy of Forever 21 ($14.90)

For the best results, pair your stripes with solid colors.  Add bursts of color to your outfit with colorful accessories.  A pink handbag could take your navy and white striped dress or top to the next level!

If you can’t find the striped item of your choice in stores, search your mom’s closet. Every woman over the age of 50 is bound to have an Ann Taylor or Liz Claiborne striped top.  It’s pretty much inevitable.  But if the tag says, “Talbots,” run! Wash your hands, do your mom a favor and throw it out, then keep searching.


J. Molly

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  1. bannhx says:

    Stripes are definitely my thing. I have to say I even like it better than plaid shirt. The Zara dress is absolutely lovely and you look very cute in that picture! Xx

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