Fifty Shades of Pink

Created with the StyleChat App

Created with the StyleChat App

This summer it’s time to add a little pink to your look.  From handbags to shoes to coats to skirts to tops to lipstick to nail polish and much much more, take your pick of pink.  In handbags we’re seeing anything from a small clutch to a full-sized satchel in pink.  If you can’t afford the pink Chanel bag featured above, try the light pink knockoff from Aldo (also featured above).

Bring out the Elle Woods in you with pink lipstick, pink nail polish, and pretty pink pumps.

Want just a subtle touch of pink?  Keep your outfit neutral and add a touch of pink with a chunky necklace or a statement ring.

Pink shoes can go a long way in adding some flavor to a basic skinny jeans and t-shirt look.


J. Molly


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