Who Knew Clothing could be so Dangerous?

Photo Courtesy of Lululemon

Photo Courtesy of Lululemon

Canadian company, Lululemon, is recalling more than 300,000 of their workout hoodies because the elastic drawstrings around the hood were whipping back and hitting people in the eye face.

Speaking as a past figure skater with long hair, and remembering all the times my long pony tail would smack me in the face when I was doing a jump or spin, I understand the dilemma here.

Apparently, Lululemon pulled the jackets voluntarily without a lawsuit.  Let’s hope there were no major yoga fatalities on their watch before doing so.


J. Molly



2 thoughts on “Who Knew Clothing could be so Dangerous?

  1. lifestyletalks says:

    I think Lululemon made a brave (and just) decision pulling back those jackets. It shows they care for their clients. (Sorry my typing speed was too fast 🙂 Could you delete the first version , please?)

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