What to Wear on Canada Day

It’s Canada Day! Some of you may be headed to a Canada Day party and thinking to yourself, what should I wear? You could be a walking stereotype and wear red and white…or you could diverge out onto your own path.  Or you may be thinking, I live in America…the celebration isn’t for another four days.  But whether you’re Canadian or not, there’s no reason why you can’t celebrate.

So here’s your guide to celebrating in style.  Before choosing your shirt/pants/dress, choose the alcohol of your choice.  Now that the most important decision is out of the way, let’s get down to styling tips.  If you’re going to be standing outside watching fireworks, it’s best to cover up so you don’t get eaten alive by mosquitos.  Throw on a pair of your favorite medium wash jeans (skinny or flair…either will work) just make sure they are not too long for you (#shortgirlproblems) because chances are you could be standing on grass or dirt while watching the fireworks.

Courtesy of Jean Machine ($109.99)

Courtesy of Jean Machine ($109.99)

Second, choose your top.  Cleavage is great…unless you’re a guy…showing man boobs is definitely not a good idea.  Just remember to bring a sweater because Summer weather isn’t always predictable at night.

Courtesy of Nordstrom: Michael Kors ($675.00)

Courtesy of Nordstrom: Michael Kors ($675.00)

Next, it’s time to pick your shoes wisely.  Wearing a pair of skinny heels may not be the best idea if you’re walking on grass because you’ll either be sinking into the grass every step you take, or walking on your tippy toes.  Then again, if want to keep your look stylish, heels are the way to go.  Try a pair of wedges because they will let you walk smoothly across any kind of surface…(even a table surface…depending on how crazy your celebration gets!)

Courtesy of Aldo ($50.00)

Courtesy of Aldo ($50.00)

Keep the wine flowing, the firecrackers cracking, and the s’mores roasting, and you’ll be in for a good night!

Wishing all of you the very best Canada Day!


J. Molly




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