How to Create a Chic Look with Minimal Time

We all know that some days, despite setting an alarm…or two…or three… we don’t always wake up early enough to take our time creating our daily look.  Or, perhaps you’re running home from the office to meet a friend or date for drinks and you’ve got 10 minutes to be out the door! So here you are running late, trying to decide whether you should spend the time accessorizing your look or curling your hair?  Or perhaps neither.  Or maybe you’d just rather spend your time doing other stuff besides primping yourself.

There are many shortcuts you can take to make yourself look great in very little time. First of all, forget the makeup, your cheeks will most likely look pink and rosy just from racing around to get somewhere.  You don’t need liner, you don’t need eye shadow, just a dab of mascara will do it!  Pack the lip balm in your purse so you can apply it on the way to your destination!

The hair routine varies according to your type of hair.  Ideally everyone would love the time to spend half an hour curling or straightening their hair to looks its best, but there’s ways to get around this.  A messy bun will take you a long way.  If you’ve got short layers in the front, leave a couple pieces down and quickly wrap your hair into a messy bun with a small clip. Once you’re half way through your day or date or whatever, unclip your hair and enjoy the natural curls that formed from the bun.

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The less items of clothing you put on, the easier.  That’s why I suggest wearing a casual dress instead of a pair of pants with a shirt.  Don’t waste time worrying about matching, stick to a solid colored dress.

Photo Courtesy of Mango ($39.99)

Photo Courtesy of Mango ($39.99)

In order to make that dress pop, pick one piece of chunky jewelry.  One piece of chunky jewelry will help account for the fact that you didn’t have time to put on a necklace, earrings, rings, watch, etcetera.  A solid colored dress, can always use a pick me up; let your chunky jewelry create the impression that you actually spent time trying to look chic.  For shoes, always have a neutral-colored pair of shoes ready to go.

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