Does your Bra Fit?


Someone once told me that most women wear the wrong bra size. Apparently bra shopping is not as simple as what we all may believe.


Did you know that you’re suppose to wear your bra on the last hook, not the middle one?  Apparently wearing the bra on the middle hook stretches the bra out more than it should.

Ever heard of the boob scoop?  I hadn’t until now.  Apparently, when  you put on your bra your suppose to dip your hand in and scoop your boobs into place.  Is that why TV stars always have the most amazing cleavage line?  Actually, I heard they use chicken cutlets to make this happen! Ew.



The number one piece of advice from bra experts is: consult a bra expert/get a bra fitting consultation before you buy your next bra! That’s where you’ll learn the true differences between the numbers and letters, the sister sizes, etc.  While style is often a woman’s main concern, perhaps it’s time to get those bad boys fitted properly.


J. Molly


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