Shoes and Booze – Let your Fabi Shoes Determine your Drink

Drinking shoes: how to choose

Drinkig Shoes: how to choose; an infographic brought to you by Fabi

Okay it’s time we consider two of my favorite past times: shopping for shoes and enjoying cocktails with friends!  While I’m definitely rocking a pair of stilettos or wedges at night, some of my casual day hangouts call for a pair of ballerina flats or comfortable, stylish sneakers. Of course, no matter where I go my shoes must be in style!  Seeing as how my closets are overflowing with shoes (and growing each season!), I’m often left with a myriad of options, making my shoe decision a bit tricky at times.

If only deciding which drink to have could be made easier! Oh wait it has been…by Fabi shoes a luxurious Italian brand.  Seeing as how the fall season is upon us, I’m more than ready to go to the bar wearing skinny jeans and this season’s hottest high heel booties!  Looks like the Cosmo will be my drink!

Fall shoe shopping is one of my favorite kinds of shopping because this is when retailers are selling their hottest suede pumps, booties, and sexy knee-high boots.  We all search for the perfect combination of style, comfort, and durability when we buy shoes each season, right? This season I discovered Fabi shoes!

One of my favorites is their black suede over-the-knee stiletto boot that could steal the attention in any room!  When I’m wearing thigh high boots, I want them to be elegant and chic with very tasteful minimal detailing.  A zipper on the sides or in the back, or a small metal embellishment at the heel or toe is the perfect amount of detailing for a boot that is already show-stopping due to it’s mere size and height!

On a more practical note, when I’m wearing skinny jeans or a casual daytime dress, there’s nothing better than pairing them with a hot pair of booties!  Fabi shoes features booties with a thin heel or chunky heel…I love both styles! It all depends on what particular look I’m going for that day!

This season I’ve definitely been inspired by feminine high heel boots with simple detailing or a cool rustic fabric color.  Fabi shoes is right on trend with their elegantly designed, simple and tasteful boots, pumps, and flats!  So next time when you’re deciding on which drink to order, just remember that your style of drink can be just as important as the style of your shoes.  Let your fabulous Fabi shoes guide you towards your tasty drink!


J. Molly

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