Correcting the Lies We’ve Been Told by the Fashion Industry

Let’s set the record straight!

A recent Refinery 29 article details the 29 ways in which the fashion industry has been dictating bullshit rules as if they’re fact.  Since this is one of my favorite Refinery 29 articles, I thought I’d weigh in on a majority of these rules.

Bullshit rule #1. Expensive clothes are better.

Negative. I have five favorite t-shirts.  I bought each of them for five dollars at a store that has “urban” in the title…no not Urban Outfitters…another one, but I forget.  The t-shirts are five years old, and are still in great shape!  For New Years I wore a $6.00 black dress.  Sure I could’ve chose one that was more expensive, but I happened to love this $6.00 dress.

photo 4

#2. Always dress for your body type.

Negative. Don’t always do this.  I look terrible in one shoulder tops; they’re still in my drawers!

#3. Some items are off limits once you reach a certain age.

Negative. My mom and I have been shopping in the same stores since I was 12 years old.

#4.  Men’s clothes are for men.

Negative. a) I don’t remember the last time I wore a woman’s watch.  Men’s watches are way better, so why shouldn’t a woman wear them! b) women’s ties! Yes, I own two! c) Ever worn a guy’s button-down shirt as a dress?  If no, then you don’t know what you’re missing! d) Have you missed every runway show in the past two years?  The gender line is being seriously distorted…and we love it!

#5. Looking taller is the goal.

Ok…so…I feel like a bit of a hypocrite denying this one.  I’ve built my reputation for the past 14 years on the fact that high heels are the only way to go.  So instead of denying this one, I’m going to admit that I fell into it.  I still firmly believe that every outfit is made better by a pair of heels.  (We’ll just leave number 5 the way it is for now…)

#6. Sneakers belong only on tourists, commuters, and at the gym.

Again, please refer to number 5 for my opinion on this.

#7. Everything should match.

Negative.  Ever done something bad just for the sake of being bad?  Get some adventure in your life! Take a walk on the wild side…whether it’s not combing your hair, wearing stripes with polka dots, or fucking with the curtains open…just take some risks and see what happens.

#8. Always dress to look skinnier.

Why?  Sometime I like wearing clothing that’s too big for me.  I’ve never understood why people care so much if a shirt is a bit baggy…yes, it may not accentuate your slim figure, but it could still be cute/fashionable! Try it!

#11. Certain colors are seasonal.

Fuck it.  I’ll wear white when I want.

Created with the StyleChat App

Created with the StyleChat App

#12. Being stylish means following the trends.

I couldn’t agree more.  The more I ignore trends, the more stylish I feel.  Being stylish is about wearing what others wouldn’t think to wear! It’s about standing out.  It’s about following your own personality and preferences and creating looks that are uniquely you!

#15. Pale people can’t wear pale/pastel colors.

I use to think this was true.  I use to avoid neutral beige’s/pastel colors like the plague because they’d wash me out!  But then I learned how to rock a soft color without getting lost in the sea of paleness.  It’s just a matter of bringing bold colors into your look.  If you’re wearing a pale dress, pair it with a bold navy scarf, or hot red lipstick, or a black moto jacket, etc.

Created with the StyleChat App

Created with the StyleChat App

#17. Certain colors should never be worn together.

Never…is a bit harsh.  It’s all about how you pair them together and in what ratios.

#18. Anything baggy is unflattering.

I firmly disagree.  There’s something effortlessly chic about pairing a baggy piece with a tight piece…or going all baggy.

Created with the StyleChat App

Created with the StyleChat App

#19.  Women should never button the top button of their shirt.

I admit that I’ve never actually heard this piece of advice.  While I’m tempted to agree based on my belief that covering up is not as much fun as not covering up, again I would say that “never” is a bit harsh.  I’m sure there are times when you want to be modest, or perhaps you want to layer it with a vest or turtleneck.

#20.  You have to buy new clothes every season.

Well this has a clear motive: sales!  Of course the fashion industry promotes the idea that each season requires a new wardrobe, but I think we all know that this is not the case!

#21.  Never wear eveningwear during the daytime.

Never is a harsh word.  Sure, there are many times when evening wear would be inappropriate during the day, but there are certain functions that would negate this rule.

#22. Wearing jeans and a t-shirt is basic.

It doesn’t have to be.  Try a pair of ripped skinny jeans with a sequined t-shirt.  There’s nothing basic about that.

#25. Never wear open toe shoes with socks.

The no socks with shoes that show the sock rule was thrown out a good 2-3 years ago.  As long as your socks are cute, you can show ’em off with an open-toe shoe.  While I personally prefer the sockless route, there’s nothing that says you can’t rock the socks!

#26. Denim isn’t office appropriate.

Negative. Anyone who’s said this has obviously never worked in San Francisco.

To read the full Refinery 29 article, click here.

I hope you enjoyed this attempt to overthrow outdated rules.


J. Molly

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  1. matchamilady says:

    Rule 11 annoys me. Why can’t I wear pastels in winter and why must burgundy lipstick be kept for autumn only? Every autumn every blogger goes on about it like it’s revolutionary. Why bother waiting for a season? I deliberately get jumpers in bright and light colours so I can wear colour all year round instead of those drab and dreary black and grey things people always wear for winter

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