Does Lingerie Affect a Woman’s Attitude?


Any woman can tell you that our days are determined by two factors: the shoes on our feet and the lingerie we’re wearing.  Studies have suggested that lingerie affects women’s attitudes.  One poll revealed that almost 50% of women say they feel more confident and sexy when they’re wearing nice lingerie, while nearly one quarter of women say that they match their underwear to their mood.  Only 1 in 10 women said they sometimes go commando…sorry guys.

So why does what we wear under our clothes affect the way we feel?  I rarely ever have on a matching underwear and bra, which is why I feel extra special the odd time that I do!  Whether we like it or not, our style choices define who we are…from our mismatched socks to our hair style.  My socks never match, but you can count on my shoes being high and my smile being wide.


J. Molly


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