Gilmore Girls Returns

I interrupt my fashion blog to bring you this very important announcement about the ensuing Gilmore Girls mini-movies that are currently in the works.

If you told me that the sky is raining Chanel bags, chocolate cake is now 0-calories, and Chris Evans is waiting for me in my bed, I think the news of the four 90-minute episodes of Gilmore Girls coming up would still make me slightly happier.

Putting fantasies aside, lets focus on reality.

Gilmore Girls is set to release four 90-minute episodes each of which will cover a season of episodes and one calendar year.

Who’s signed on for it?

Negotiations with the main characters are happening now, but reports say all the main characters are on board, except of course the late Edward Herrmann (Richard Gilmore), who will be thoroughly missed!

The way I see it, Gilmore Girls has two main story lines they need to clean up after their abrupt season 7 series finale.

First: Luke and Lorelai have to get married.  Obviously.

Second: Rory Gilmore has to pick any one of the three amazing guys she dated throughout the series.  Although I loved her with Logan and wanted her to say yes to the proposal, I would be over the moon if Jess came back!  Have her marry either Logan or Jess, and I’m sure there will not be much uproar from fans. Am I right?

Now let’s just sit back and let the talented creators and actors work their magic!


J. Molly




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