Drake: Talented Dancer and Fashion Influencer?

If you haven’t already watched Drake’s viral Hotline Bling video, you’re behind over 52 million people who already have.  But that’s ok, the only thing you’re missing are some awkward and oddly endearing dance moves from Drake.  You know when you’re dancing alone in your place and no one’s watching and you just kinda do your own thing?  Well Drake just did that for the world.  As much as his dance moves can be oddly entertaining to watch, they’re apparently not the only thing people are watching.

Drake turned one jacket, the red Moncler Maya parka that he wears in the video, into the hot new item for this winter.

Photo Courtesy of Farfetch

Photo Courtesy of Farfetch

While cold-climate areas, especially in Canada, will remember seeing this coat in black on almost everyone each winter, this year it looks like the annual trend is getting a red hot makeover.


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