Fall/Winter Essentials: The Style Guide

GUEST POST by Peter Minkoff

Now that the cold weather has settled in, it’s time to clean up our wardrobes and make some room for the ultimate cold-weather pieces.  Many different trends are rocking the fashion industry, and we are here to inform you about the essentials for this fall/winter. Check them out.

  1. Normcore Meets Glamcore
Featured on The Newest Addiction Blog

Featured on The Newest Addiction Blog

This unisex fashion trend characterized by unpretentious clothes such as high-waist jeans, plain shirt, and classic leather sneakers, has been spiced up this fall! It was pretty much about trying to look average – however, it doesn’t simply mean getting the first white t-shirt out of your closet and pairing it up with another basic. An accurate research is required in order to find the perfect items. This fall puts a spin on normcore – it evolved into glamcore! Anonymous jeans and dull sneakers have been replaced with vibrant fur coats and oversized belts, as well as with luxurious headpieces and furry shoes.

2. Oversized Sweaters


Courtesy of Daily.Newlook

A gorgeous oversized sweater with the most amazing knit is definitely a must-have piece for this season. Many people would agree that fall is a perfect season, simply because it allows them to snuggle their heads onto their favourite sweaters. That feeling of cosiness is the best. No matter whether you go for a turtleneck or for a regular one – you won’t make a mistake. If you think that you will look too bulky in it – don’t worry. Just choose the one with a slightly thinner knit in your favourite colour.

3. Boho Pieces

Courtesy of The Best Fashion Blog

Courtesy of The Best Fashion Blog

Boho chic is once again one of the leading trends of this season. It is characterised with magnificent embroidery, fringes and floaty clothes made of natural fabrics in earthy colours. Peasant blouses, maxi skirts and dresses, and fringed leather jackets are highly required in this trend. Also, poncho is an IT item for this fall/winter, since it can transform each outfit into chic and ultra modern one. Boho is definitely much more than just a trend that will pass sooner or later – it’s a state of mind that was typical of gypsies and their lifestyle.

4. Statement Jewellery


Courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar

Bling has made a huge comeback this season, and it can be seen in the form of brooches and big earrings that were presented by the most influential brands – Chanel, Prada and Balenciaga. These will certainly add a touch of glamour to a casual outfit, and you can deliberately pair them up with aforementioned oversized sweaters. That’s a match made in heaven!

5. Bathing Suit as Daywear


Images featured on Lookbook and Bossip

Bathing suit is no longer meant just for the beach and sun-kissed skin. Think of it as of another piece of your wardrobe, because you can really pair it up with some basic pieces for an ultimate IT look. Just focus on the materials that will help it blend in perfectly – such as leather and denim. Many designers have gone crazy about athletic wear, and came up with stylish versions of swimsuits you can layer. Match a sequin bikini top with a floor-length matching skirt and adding some eccentric jewelry for a glamorous evening look. One-piece suits can be combined with a button-up and flared jeans. Of course, latest swimwear sale is your way to go when it comes to this trend, because you can save a lot of money and get an extraordinary piece perfect for different outfits.
Numerous amazing trends are very popular this season, and it is up to you to choose the most appropriate pieces according to your preferences. The fashion industry definitely has no boundaries, which sends a message that you should play and have fun while choosing your perfect outfit. That’s definitely a key to success.


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