When to Wear your Short-Sleeve Coat

Growing up on the East Coast, I never really understood the concept of a short-sleeve coat. If it’s cold enough to be wearing a coat, then why would you want your arms uncovered? Then I moved to the West Coast and it all made sense.  On those warm rainy days when you want a coat for protection, even though it’s not that cold out, it’s time to pull out the stylish short-sleeve jacket of questionable utility.

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These puffed shoulders take me back to the 80’s ever so slightly.  I wore this coat over a maroon short-sleeve dress that I ordered from Tobi not too long ago.


So what’s the key to pulling off a short-sleeve coat?  1. Don’t wear long sleeves under it.  That trend was around ever so briefly in the early 2000’s but thankfully it’s gone.  And 2. Wear one that accentuates the short-sleeve in some way, whether it’s a puffed shoulder or a capped sleeve.  After all, you chose to buy this very ineffectual piece of outerwear, you might as well make the style count.


J. Molly

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