Get Luscious Curls for the Holidays


Have you ever looked at someone’s curls and wondered, wow how did they make their curls so perfect? I definitely have.  My goal is always to get luscious large curls in the minimum amount of time with the least amount of organization.  Lucky for me, getting big messy curls doesn’t take that long and doesn’t require a lot of skill.

I use a 1.25inch curling iron to get the curls you see featured above.  I use no hairspray.  I hate that sticky feeling that so many sprays leave.  If my curls fall out, they fall out…no big deal.  I’d rather have touchably soft hair that falls flat, than sticky curly hair that stays curled.

My tip from me to you…grab an inch of hair, curl just the top half of it, and then move your hair curler down to curl the whole piece from tip to root.  Curling the top half of the piece first will help create curls that fall from the top of your head to the bottom, instead of getting curls just at the tips of your hair.

Last but not least, let your hair be free.  Run your hands through your curls to create that effortless, beachy natural curls look.

Happy holidays to you all.  May you make great memories and take beautiful photos.


J. Molly

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